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Welcome to Nature Within 


Caught in the rat race? 

Do you feel overwhelmed by commitments, depressed by the state of world affairs, confused by all the messages that come at you every day? Are you trapped in a job that frustrates you? Having problems with your relationship? Feeling unfulfilled by life itself? It is not a surprise. We need time to process the world around us and find peace inside of ourselves for us to find happiness in this world. ​How do we find in all of this, balance and happiness?

Make some time for yourself. 

We are inviting you to have a meaningful moment. Take the time to really experience what we have on offer here. Feel the connection to nature and learn to follow the pace of nature. Nature is the rhythm we seek, the balance that we require to engage with the world each day to find happiness. 

We are here to assist you. 

Within our site you will find links to useful resources for you to use in your journey to discover your connection to nature.  We encourage you to play in this wonderful world we live in, and in doing so, see that, regardless of where we live, we can live in nature – within. 

Our offerings include: 

One-on-one life coaching with Kimberly or Michal.

Providing small groups with guidance for Conscious Change.

Art and Photography courses to guide in contemplative practices of seeing.

A series of workshops, featuring unique Guided Imaginations, which will open up your sense of balance in nature, giving us tools to live a fulfilled life.

Moreover, we are invested in creating a community of practice, one that spans the globe and resides right here, in this unique space where we invite you to come, relax, and meditate with us.

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